This was my first time going to the Low Rollers show, and my first time going this far Northeast. I was really surprised how freaking hot it was. I flew into town on a Thursday, at midnight, and was picked up by Phil Fowler in Philadelphia. We went straight to the hotel where I got some much-needed sleep. The next day, as a ton of trucks started rolling in, I was glad I had gotten some sleep, because I knew I was in for a hell of a show. What I didn't expect was the crazy-hot weather, but that didn't stop a ton of trucks from rolling in and having a great time. The Low Rollers crew did an outstanding job of rolling in trucks and judging them, they also demoed a couple of golf carts, but that's another story.

The Show Lowdown
Low Rollers End of Summer Bash
Salem County FairgroundsWoodstown, NJ
Aug 25-26Total vehicles in attendance: More than 450
Spectator attendance:

Fast 411:
* 11th Annual Show
* Club Participation Trophy went to Grounded 4 Life
* Jeff King won the Chris Wallace Award
* Definitely a minitruck show, 80 percent of the show is trucks!

* Hi-low contest
* Wet T-shirt contest (no shirts involved)
* Club games
* Live performances by A Fighting Chance, Broken Frequency, Fire with Fire, Living in Denial, and The East Infections!

Low Rollers truck club.

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Contact for future events:
Phil Fowler (302) 369-2706, or visit the website at

Promoter Comments:
Low Rollers would like to thank all of its families and friends for all of the support and help in doing this event. And also, thanks to everyone who has come out to support them year after year.