The MVP Supershow incorporated the annual NZ Lowrider and Minitruck Nationals for its third year running. The first MVP Slideshow featured New Zealand's first-ever motorsport NZ-sanctioned drifting car-park battle, a full-blown pit bike track, which featured Crusty demon rider Luke Smith, and FMX Demos, a full Mai FM hip-hop concert, and a much-anticipated bikini contest. Also keeping the crowd busy was a Lowrider hop-off, along with a melting pot of custom tastes, including show cars of lowriders, minitrucks, and hot-rods. New Zealand is a fairly new and growing custom culture and continues to reinvent itself. Stay tuned as we bring you some exclusive culture following custom minitrucks wherever they may go!

The Show Lowdown
Name: The New Zealand Lowrider & Minitruck Nationals '07
Location: Telstra Clear Events Center Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand
Dates: January 13 and 14 (Next year's April 4-6 2008)
Total vehicles in attendance: 150+
Spectator attendance: 10,000 +

Fast 411:
* Third annual event
* You can check out all the action

* New Zealand's first-ever motor sportNZ -sanctioned drifting car-park battle
* A full-blown pit bike track, featuring Crusty Demon rider Luke Smith and FMX Demos
* A Mai FM hip-hop concert
* Bikini contest
* Lowrider hop-off

Sponsors:, MVP magazine, MVP Cartel TV, Racepro, and Mai FM

Vendors: 50+

Contact for future events: