Watever you do, don't ask for a Foster's beer if you find yourself hangin' out down under! They will laugh at you, trust me! For our second year out to Australia, we received a surprise when we hit the show grounds and saw the attendance had almost doubled from the previous year. People came out from all over the country to take part in one of Australia's biggest minitrucker events. Half Way Havoc 2007 will go down in the history books; from the awesome trucks, to the camping on the beach, to partying it up until the sun rises. Special thanks to everyone who came out and also to everyone who helped us on the trip-you know who you are!

Name: Half Way Havoc
Location: Valla Beach Resort
Dates: April 20-22
Total vehicles in attendance: 200
Spectator attendance: Too many to count

Fast 411:
Fourth annual; biggest Half Way Havoc to date
People came from as far as Perth-the other side of the country
Five "Best Of" trophies
Events: Cruise, vendors, and show 'n' shine.

Sponsors: Adjustable Suspension Components (ASC) Living Low Customs, The Chop Shop, DW Customs, Grant Kustoms, and Komited Kustoms.

Vendors: The Chop Shop and ASC.

Contact for future events: Nathan or Jas from Ground Level minitrucks, www.myspace.com/halfwayhavoc.