What do you get when you mix minitruckers, tons of car clubs and shops, and endless pitchers of beer in a closed-off bowling alley? You get The East Coast Bowling Nationals and the time of your life! Held every year at Chackos in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, on February 10th; this is an absolute must for anyone looking to have a great time with friends and minitruckers, alike.

But don't get things confused, this is not a car show; rather, it is a place to come and just let loose with your friends and the people who enjoy the same things you do. It kicks off around 8 p.m. on Saturday night, then goes on until the beer is out and the awards are given away- which is usually between 2 and 3 a.m!

We never knew that minitruckers were such talented bowlers, but then again, it's probably just the beer! At the end of the night, no good teams were left unnoticed when the custom bowling pin trophies were awarded. John Beebe of Drop 'Em Wear? not only designed the killer event T-shirts, but he also made the old wooden custom-bowling pin trophies. The trophies made us wish we had tried harder to get good scores, instead of trying to get down that damn between-the-leg shot.

If you ever get the chance to make it out, this is one event you won't want to miss! It has actually inspired us to start a West Coast Bowling Nats. Maybe someone can kick up a Southern Bowling Nats and we can see the winners of each event compete for the finals? Who knows, this could be the start of something big! Be on the lookout for more information about our West Coast event at www.myspace.com/minitruckinmag, and be sure to check it out. For more information on ECBN, visit www.acrophobia.net.