If you've been searching for a great Northeastern show toward the end of the season, we've found it! For the past three years, Kutztown, (Yes, it's really called Kutztown!) Pennsylvania, has been the home of X-Fest. This show has been brought to you by Xcessive Habits and Ground Scrapers. The show has been held on the Kutztown Fairgrounds and there is plenty of room to grow. This show has grown drastically from its original debut, and this was their biggest year to date, with more than 200 vehicle entries and more than 1,000 people were in attendance.

You might have thought the XH and GS crew had been doing the show for 10 years, because of how quickly they classed and got people out onto the show field. After registration, people cruised onto the show field to claim their prime real estate for the day. Once parked, they rushed around trying to prepare their ride to be judged. To keep things busy, the staff had tons of club games and events going on. There were events such as the Hi/Low-or even Muffler Rapping, which was hilarious! Two contestants would pull up next to each other and damn near blow their motor to try and see who was the loudest. Unfortunately, no one did, but 1st place did go out to a body-dropped S-10 with a 350 underneath the hood!

After the events, everyone made their way over to the pavilion for the awards ceremony where all of the proud show truck owners gathered in anticipation. With everything going so smoothly, we were out of there in no time at all. The show staff would like to thank Drop 'Em Wear?, Krause Toyota, Aluminadi Customs, and everyone for all of their support. They also would like to thank their friends and family for making it all possible. Make sure to mark your calendars for next year's show on September 8, and check out www.xcessivehabits.com for more information.