Another year, another Truck Masters. We can honestly say, there isn't another show like it in the world. More than 500 minitrucks rolled into the Truck Masters Finale this year, making it one of the sickest shows we've attended, to date. This show brings out the best Japan has to offer, from under construction rides to full show quality craziness. You could even see a few drift trucks in the crowd. But more importantly, there was an overwhelming amount of body-drops. You couldn't walk 10 feet without stopping to stare and to admire the beauty of the trucks at the show. It literally took all day to take it in. Thanks again to the Truck Masters staff, Blue Panic, Truck Trends and all of the wonderful people of Japan for having us. See ya next year.

Show Lowdown

Name: Truck Masters Finale

Location: Rainbow Town, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan

Dates: November 26, 2006

Total Vehicles in Attendance: 650 Total, 505 of that were trucks

Spectator Attendance: 5,000

Fast 411:
- Truck Masters started in 1993.
- The first show had 165 trucks.
- In Japan, they hold five Truck Masters a year. They take place in Kyusyu (far west), Hokkaido (far north) Osaka (west), Touhoku (north), and the Finale in Tokyo.
-There is talk of making it a two-day event

-BMX freestyle ride by Japan's most famous pro riders.
-21 "Best Of" awards including, Mini Truckin' Editor's Choice, Lowlife Video Choice, and Grant Kustoms' Choice.
-Bikini contest.
-Vendor expo, there were approximately 30 vendors, including a taco stand!

48 shops, 12 magazines

Contact for future events:
Blue Panic, Yokohama, Japan on the website: