Draggin', a club contest, crazy trophies, burnouts, and plenty of people-these are some of the things it takes to make a good show. Made 2 Envy Auto Club, out of upstate New York, brought all of this to the plate with this year's Envy Frenzy show in Kingston, New York. The club decided that after a few years of doing the show, it was time to go all out and get us here at Mini Truckin' magazine to cover the show.

When we arrived late Friday, we took a stroll through the hotels to see what we would be in store for. Although all of the plans had been worked out, the slight chance of rain couldn't take away from this show. Instead, they made things work as thunderstorms hung out most of the day. The club events got pushed to Sunday, but the rock-crawler exhibition had the brave crowd watching some junk cars get crawled all over in the rain. Luckily, the rain stopped long enough for the draggin' contest to get underway and completed the night perfectly. Once the show closed, Nick and Packy Baker, the show promoters, took us down the road to check out their shop, Slik Werks Kustom Auto Body. After seeing what they had under wraps, we decided we'll have to take a trip back to this area to bring our readers some of the craziest feature vehicles we've seen.

When Sunday rolled around, the rain had moved well out of the area and left good weather, which brought a crowd way bigger than the day before. It looked like people had been checking out the weather and knew it would be nice enough to bring out some of the Northeast's finest minis. One of this area's big crazes is running independent rear ends-there were more of them on trucks than straight axles. Since the weather worked out for the second half of the show, the club was able to do the rest of their games, including: the club tug-o-war; the chocolate-milk chug contest; and the burnout contest. It seems that the clubs in this area are big time into fun competitions.

When it came time for awards, the Made 2 Envy crew made sure they dished out some unique "Best of" awards to keep people talking.

One of those customs trophies went to Ryan Acseault, who took home the Best Truck Award with his '96 S-10. For more information on this show, check out www.made2envyautoclub.com, or e-mail Nick at Hypermini1@aol.com.

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