For the last twenty years Paul Papadeas and the IASCA crew have held the world's most famous sound-off in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. Stereo competitors and car show enthusiasts some 20,000 strong flooded into this famous destination on the East Coast for a chance at escaping the winter weather. You may think of Spring Break Nationals as being more for the tuner crowd, but actually the majority of the sound-off competitors in the lanes this year seemed to be rolling trucks. This probably has something to do with the fact that trucks have more room for speakers, but we would prefer to think that people are just finally starting to catch on.

Spring Break Nats always has something for everyone, from the legendary bikini contest, which featured former Mini Truckin' cover model Nikki Zeno, to all the audio manufacturers' booths inside the Ocean Center, where they handed out free swag on a scale like an East Coast CES (with the models to prove it). On the beach side, there was a spot just for showing your ride if the stereo thing was not your area of specialty. You couldn't have asked for a better and more beautiful venue than on the boardwalk overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, the night life was great, with a few of the truck clubs hanging out and throwing sparks and showing people that there is more to the show than just loud stereos. Sunday rolled around and it was time for the trophy presentations. With over 300 competitors vying for the top positions, being a judge was definitely not easy.

All in all, this year's Spring Break Nats was a great event with plenty to see, hear, and do while escaping the winter blah of the northern states. If you are looking for someplace to go in early February that will get your blood pumping for the coming show season, Spring Break Nats 2007 is a can't miss. For more information, check out for their upcoming show schedule.

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