"War of Wheels" Mini-Truck Build
War of Wheels is a syndicated Canadian television show, which followed the buildup of two bone-stock S-10s that were customized by two Canadian and U.S. teams. The build was a three-day event that included tons of hard work and late nights with very little sleep. You'd be amazed to see how modified the trucks were after seeing them in stock form just three days before. Votes were tallied at the end of the show, with the teams judged on mechanical elements, paint and bodywork, and stereo. Easton Locke and his Mini Masters crew molded the bed to accommodate an elaborate stereo, added 20-inch rims, custom interior, and custom paint, and took home the "crowd favorite" trophy. James "Egg" Egerland and his team of Warranty Killers came in second with a close vote, but both vehicles and their crews will soon be starring on Canadian television.