The Northwest is known for a few great things; Starbucks, "poppin' tags", and Sittin' Pretti's annual Summer Slam show. Coffee, white rap, and custom trucks—that's what Washington does.

The crew of diehard minitruckers that have put together the Northwest's longest running minitruck show, rain or shine. Fortunately, the weather gods have smiled down and provided more sun than showers over the last 19 years.

What's better than going to a great show? Well, winning free stuff at a great show is an amazing start. Shawn Altermott, Sittin Pretti's prez, has always strived to make the show a rewarding experience. Eleven months out of the year he beats the proverbial bushes and gets raffle prizes donated as giveaways. These items aren't pansy key chains and mouse pads they're giving away, we're talking about multiple sets of wheels, serious airbag components, and real tangible objects that any minitrucker would want.

What's on your agenda this August? If you said attending the Sittin Pretti's Summer Slam at the Arlington Airport in Arlington, WA, then you actually may win a prize*!
*raffle ticket required.

The Lowdown

Sittin Pretti's Summer Slam

Arlington Airport, Arlington, WA

August 18, 2012

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