Mini Truckin' Cover Truck Corral
From the very beginning, we wanted the Mini Truckin' and Sport Truck Havoc show to be more than just a show 'n' shine. That's why we decided to go all-out and make sure that the baddest mini-trucks would come out to this first-year kickoff. We put together the first-ever Mini Truckin' Cover Truck Corral, where all past cover trucks could come and compete head to head for braggin' rights as the top dawg. To prove that there is still life in the show scene after being on the cover, many past and present cover-truck owners came to show that they still have what it takes to compete.

When all was said and done, we had a total of seven cover trucks together under one roof, which is simply amazing to see in person. In order of their respective appearances on the cover: (1) Lenny Gruver, everyone's favorite shirtless mini-trucker, and his fully redone Feb. '99 cover truck, "2-XITE-U," complete with a revamped motor, new paint, and a little retro stylin'; (2) Donnie Babb from Gauge and his July '99 cover truck Dawg Wood, which looks as good today as it did six years ago - this truck was way ahead of its time!; (3) Chris Starr's Feb. '05 cover truck - a super-modified and insanely detailed '86 Mazda named Below U - which took home the braggin' rights and the KAIK Products Best Cover Truck trophy; (4) Trent Van Arsdalen of Trent's Trick Upholstery, representing huge, having done the interiors in three of the five cover trucks, including his April '05 cover, the SEMA-award-winning Coloradical; (5) and Carl Arft, making the trip down from Michigan with his rolling business card from PMA Motorsports, the July '05 cover truck, Re-ar-ranged. The final two cover trucks that made the trip to Louisville were the Desert Dragger, the Aug. '04 Nissan Frontier cover truck, and a rebuilt version of Corey Boelter's Feb. '00 cover truck, sportin' a new look and a new owner. For more information on how to be a part of next year's cover-truck competition, e-mail