Each year, during the hottest month of the summer, thousands of custom trucks converge on Austin for the Texas Heat Wave. They've been coming to Texas for years to show off the accomplishments made during the off-season. We got to Austin early this past year to make sure we didn't miss a minute of the event that has thousands of enthusiasts running for shade by noon every day. Since Friday was mostly a set-up day, we rummaged through the area to see what had already shown up and talk to the diehard mini-truckers who come in early to get the best spots at the show.

To our delight, there are always plenty of new rides to be seen and photographed at Heat Wave. On Saturday, more customs were lined up in rows at the Travis County Exposition Center than you can imagine. Everything from skied monster trucks to body-dragging mini-trucks, and everything in between, could be seen parked or patrolling the grounds. With so many people packed in amongst them, it was a sea of automotive interest. Just because the place was packed to the brim with customs, don't think that a bunch of parked trucks were the only things to be seen during the weekend. There was also live entertainment, plenty of food, and deals on just about any truck part you'd possibly want for a discount over the normal price.

Nearly every major player in the custom automotive aftermarket catering to mini-trucks was at this show. Manufacturers and custom shops alike were lined up in the show's huge vendor section. Plenty of the companies represented had demonstrations with parts and products, as well as a bunch of some of the trickest customs the world has ever seen to demonstrate the companies' custom-truck-building prowess. Enthusiasts poured into the showgrounds on Saturday, looking at everything being displayed and checking out the competition in their show classes. Those who were smart enough to bring EZ-Up shelters or park near trees were able to stave off the 106-plus temperatures and laugh their butts off at everyone else sweltering in the Texas heat.