Since we whole-heartedly believe that every cover truck and feature truck once rolled around in primer and had to start somewhere, we put together our fourth Construction Zone Spectacular. This year, we wanted to showcase some of the coolest rides out that are still very much works in progress. We hunted down six of the most modified minis out there (one on the cover; five in this spread), snapped some pics, and brought them straight to you. We hope that seeing these primered beauties is a major source of motivation to give you some new ideas of your own, or just enough inspiration to get you off that couch and into the garage to actually finish what you started. If you think your ride has what it takes for a Construction Zone feature, refer to the source information.

Roadster Taco'

Wheels/Tires: 20-inchers all the way around

Suspension/Chassis: Handbuilt rear frame clip using 300zx independent rear and custom cantilever air setup, all built by owner

Body Modifications: All body modifications by owner / 3-1/4-inch body drop / soft-top convertible and unibody / shaved 4Runner front sheetmetal / 4Runner rear bumper / shaved firewall and relocated everything / shaved door handles / shaved antenna / molded rear end shut

Interior: Full-sheetmetal interior (dash, floor, door panels, center console) built by owner

Special Thanks: Magical Minis

Future Plans: Finish sheetmetal work and interior / smooth body / paint

Project Completion Date: Drop Zone 2005