Owner: Cole Griffith
Ride: 1986 Nissan 720
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Club: No Regrets


17-inch Rozzi Wikids wrapped with Kumho 40-series rubber

All-new GETBORED chassis from the firewall back, Slam 'bags, SMC valves, 480 Viair compressors, custom four-link

Body Mods:
All shaved, Cadillac lights upside down frenched in rear, Grant Kustoms sheetmetal, 5-inch bodydrop (2.5 traditional and 2.5 stock-floor), cut to the door

Shaved dash, BAD wheel, CRX buckets in tweed but redoing everything

Owner's dad bought this truck brand-new in 1985, and Cole has owned it since he was 16. He still has the receipt from McNeil Datsun in Wilkes County, NC. It has been a long time coming, but he's almost there with the final phase of the build.

Future Plans:
Paint (of course), redo the interior, maybe wheels, and drive and enjoy it as much as possible!

Project Completion Date:
Should be completed some time in the next year or so if all goes well...

Special Thanks From Owner:
"All the chapters of the best club out there, No Regrets, my dad and mom and grandpa Gerald, Ernie, Cookie, Adam 'Bomb,' Ray, and Kendal. Big thanks to John 'Chuck' Norris and all the guys at GETBORED in Maryland for the hard work they put in on the chassis, my girlfriend Bunny for keeping me sane while the truck was gone, MT mag for the inspiration, and anyone else who lent a hand along the way!"