OWNER: Ricky Fontanillas
RIDE: 1990 Chevy S-10
HOMETOWN: Princeton, IN


14-inch steelies

Suicidedoors.com tubular control arms, Air Lift d2500s, SD/TB cantilever bolt-on back-half kit, Air Lift d2600s in the rear, Air-Zenith black OB2 compressors, Waylayed booster/master cylinder

Body Mods:
3.25-inch stock-floor bodydrop, suicide driver-side door with handle moved to front of door, Grant Kustoms Cali combo, sheetmetal bed, Line-X

DVD/CD deck, Pioneer speakers, 10-inch Kicker CVT sub, four-channel amp, Mexican/Native American upholstery, B&M shifter

Future Plans:
Finish the interior and drop in a bigger, nasty-sounding V-8.

Special Thanks From Owner:
"My wife Brandy and my girls for letting me work on my truck at night, Jason and Adam Thorbecke, Jacob 'Turd' Fergsuon, Jersey Dave Bosse, Corey Rosser from Air Lift, Joe Judge from SMC, Air Zenith, Grant Kustoms, my Indy boys (Bos, Steelsmith, and Two-Link Tony), Don Shagwell, McDiesel, Jeff and Jim Wade, Thornburg, Max Fish, Waylayed, Ben Osbourne, Brett Wisdom and the city of Dallas boys, Darrell, my ST, NC, and RA brothas, and everyone I bugged about this build."