Owner: Steve Woodward
Ride: 1973 Mazda B1800
Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


Stock Mazda painted construction-site green with stock center caps

Triangulated four-link, FBSS with Slam Specialties RE-6 on all four corners

Body Mods:
1989 Caddy tails ("I know, I hate them as much as the next guy, but they fit and make the taillights legal height."), Datsun bullet-side front grille, 4-inch traditional bodydrop (cut the rocker off)

Stock bench seat, still working on it

Future Plans:
Currently the truck is under a major rebuild and will resurface at the Sideshow (2010) with entirely new chassis (thanks to Rich), narrowred Toyota front end, narrowed Ford 8.8 rearend (14 inches), COY C-57 18 wheels, 2-inch stock floor, 2.3 turbo, auto trans, 2.5-inch roof chop.

Project Completion Date:
Frame number one hasn't been finished yet, and tubular frame number two is in the design process, so you know how that goes...

Special Thanks From Owner:
"Corey Miller and Seth Vanderzweep. Without those two guys this truck would have never become anything but a pile layin' in a field. Also, DATUM CO clothing for the help and support."