Owner: Seth Neale
Ride: 1997 Ford Ranger
Hometown: Canal Fulton, OH
Club: Dropt Out


18x8 Bonspeed Crokus wheels

'Bagged using Slam Specialties 'bags with DJM dream beams, custom four-link, 3/8 valves, dual Viair 380c compressors

Body Modifications:
Shaved: Door handles, antenna, wiper cowl, third brakelight, locks and door handles, emblems, gas door, taillights, tailgate, bedrails, side steps
Misc.: Widened the bed tops 3 inches, Mazda 6 taillights in the rollpan, smooth bed walls, hinged wood bedfloor on air cylinders, removable sheetmetal notch cover, bedliner on everything under the wood bedfloor, Street Scene mirrors, billet grille, clear corners

Smooth door panels, BAD steering wheel, WRX seats are all sitting in his house, tackling the interior is the next project

Custom steel front wheeltubs, and all the exterior bed work is fiberglass including the skin

Special Thanks From Owner:
"First and foremost to Chris and Alisha Dennis for introducing me to the minitruckin' lifestyle, enduring all the hard work that went into the truck, and for just putting up with me. Also Patrick Lee for doing the wheeltubs, Mike Mulhein for the wood bedfloor, Rodney Bice for the primer and paint to come, and can't forget my club Dropt Out. Finally I'd like to think all those who supported me instead of claiming I was insane for doing this to my truck."

Future Plans:
New rims with a big lip in the rear, interior, paint, and might bust out with another trick or two in the near future...

Completion Date:
Dropt 'N' Destroyed 7