Silver Metal

Owner: Albert Uhler
Ride: 1993 Ford Ranger
Hometown: Finksburg, MD
Club: Habits

The Lowdown
20-inch Boss with Kumho rubber

Custom 3/4 underslung air-tank frame, sectioned I-beams, tubular radius arms, five-link rear setup with cantilever bags

Body Modifications:
3.5-inch traditional body drop, open bedfloor, shaved door handles, tubbed firewall

302 V-8 with automatic transmission

Special Thanks:
"Norm, Jeremy Calp, Ryan Uhler, the crew at Getbored Designs, John, Eric, Travis, Bus Driver Bob, LB, and my club Habits for all their support."

Future Plans:
Paint, interior, and drive the wheels off of it

Project Completion Date:
Carlisle all truck 2010, but we all know how that goes...