Owner: Savannah Perry
Ride: '92 Chevy S-10
Hometown: St. Albans, WV
Club: Relaxed Atmosphere

The Lowdown
Custom 5-star Krylon chrome rattle-can wheels painted on 26-inch Georgia Pacific plywood smoothies with fresh and easy, flat black 215/30/20 tires

Handmade tubular upper and lower control arms and handmade four-link with upper bars turned on edge. New frame from firewall back made out of 2x4-inch box tubing and converted into the airtank, tubular rear 'bag mounts and tubular fuel cell mounts. Entire frame is completely shaved and molded.

Body Modifications:
Stock-floor body drop plus a two-inch traditional body drop with 2 1/2 inches cut off the rockers. New rockers made from 1/4-inch plate and reshaped. Shaved mirrors, door handles, antenna, rear upper cab seam, rear cab wall, and the body line was added around the back cab wall.


Built to lay a 20-inch wheel on stock spindles with cut rockers, a V-8 and a stock hood because someone said it can't be done. Truck gets 11 1/2 inches of donk lift.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to my husband Brandon Perry (owner of the "Chump Change" Green Tacoma) for building, what I know is going to be the sexiest pink truck ever. He is so talented and so good at what he does. Thanks to Brandon Cavender and Marty Green for all the hard work and long nights to get her where she is now. Matt Hodgson at Downtime Designs for the rendering, John Norris at Getbored Designs, notchless.com for the notchless tie-rod ends, Ricky and the Suicidedoors crew, Justin Johnson, Larry and Zach for all your help, Petry for the hook up on the metal, and Brandon Burrell for the pics.

Future Plans:
Upgrade to bigger, double-plywood wheels for safe driving, shave body lines, suicide doors, sheetmetal bed, sheetmetal and leather interior, Chevy V-8, chrome and paint everything, and lots of other stuff that is highly classified!

Project Completion Date:
As soon as I hit the lottery.