Owner: Chris Lathe
Ride: '90 Mazda B2200
Hometown: Eugene, OR

17-inch Crager wheels with 205/40R17 rubber.

Firestone airbags, 3/8-inch Airlift valves, stock A/C compressor turned into an air compressor, 1/2-inch air line, two-link with Panhard bar, and a skull switch box.

Body Modifications:
Full-time roadster, shaved everything including side glass, door handles, locks, tailgate factory mirrors; one-off flame polished aluminum taillights, complete 4WD sheetmetal, B2600I hood, and a sheetmetal bed.

Stock buckets, CD player, Rockford Fosgate amp, two 12-inch subs, new carpet, and new door panels.

Owned this truck since '92, it was 'bagged in '98 and built with owner's best friend of 15 years, who was killed in his custom Nissan back in '01. (RIP Chris.)

Future Plans:
Single-color paint with skulls and skeleton arm; some graphics near the "AX" lift bars; and to finish up the interior.

Project Completion Date:
ASAP, as the new project is already going for the completely stock-looking Mazda, including door handles, taillights, and keeping the rear bumper.

Owner: Derrick Knight
Ride: '98 S-10 Blazer
Hometown: Culver City, California
Club: Xtreme Lowz

20-inch Synbolic XR33

4- 1/4-inch stock-floor body drop, four-link with square tubing turned on its side, with bags on the lower bars, raised gas tank 2 inches, and dropped engine 2 inches.

Body Modifications:
Suicide doors; shaved: door handles, hood squirter, antenna, and gas door; tubbed the back and new sheet metal from the front seats back, huge 37.5x68-inch ragtop, Grant Kustoms; and full-size sectioned front bumper.

10-inch monitor molded into the dash, fiberglass center console, custom fiberglass doors holding two sets of MA Audio speakers, dash shaved and sanded down, and Grommit Industries custom seats with suede inserts.

Special Thanks:
My mom and dad for hooking me up with part of the body drop for graduation; grandpa and Brenda; Joel and Adam at Extreme Audio and Interiors; Mark and Aaron at SCD Fabrication; MA Audio; Grommit Industries, Xtreme Lowz; and the new OC chapter.

Future Plans:
Roll pan and other miscellaneous sheetmetal, Extreme Audio and Interiors finishing off crazy interior, full custom paint, both inside and out, by Matt Hutcheson at SIK Kreations.

Completion Date:
Early 2009