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Out Of This World!

Terranea - Now That's Art!
Out Of This World! Posted October 9 2009 11:22 AM by 5569

My visit to Terranea Oceanfront Resort yesterday exemplifies art, which is the focus of the December issue.

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The Most Epic Clothing Brand Ever

Epicology Clothing
The Most Epic Clothing Brand Ever Posted October 7 2009 05:04 PM by 5569

I want to introduce you guy and gals to a new clothing company called Epicology.

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This MT Girl Turns 26 on Monday!

STILL Waiting to Send You a Sticker
This MT Girl Turns 26 on Monday! Posted October 2 2009 05:23 PM by 5569

Per tradition, I would like to celebrate my birthday by sending a MT sticker to whoever posts the 26th comment to this blog.

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Banner Stealing: Infuriating or Funny?

Verdict on Club and Company Banner Stealing
Banner Stealing: Infuriating or Funny? Posted October 2 2009 02:35 PM by 5569

You know how clubs and companies have big vinyl banners made in order to display info and identify themselves, right?

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